Former PSA designer has spent 21 years building a machine in the style of David Bowie

Former PSA designer has spent 21 years building a machine in the style of David Bowie

January 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The look of the musician is reflected in the appearance of the car.

Former PSA Peugeot Citroen designer Takumi Yamamoto, who had a hand in creating the GT by Citroen showcar, will present a concept at the Exposition Concept Car Paris dedicated to the work of musician David Bowie. The elaboration of the details of the project, called A portrait of db, took 21 years.

At Exposition Concept Car Paris, Yamamoto will show a full-size 3D model of the car. According to the author, he painted the first sketch of the art car in April 2017 and has since tried to express in his appearance the image of Bowie, the peculiarity of his music, and also pay homage to the singer.

The former colleague Yamamoto, modeler and industrial designer Cyril Anseli helped to embody two-dimensional drawings in volumetric figures. He was intrigued by the very idea of ​​transferring someone’s identity to a car.

At the initial stage, Yamamoto and Anseli wanted to transform the Bowie songs into an algorithm that would create a parametric pattern for transferring it to car parts. But in the end, parametric design was difficult to implement. Instead, from the songs of the musician singled out the key words that set the shape of the machine.

Renders of the car was created by the third member of the team – computer graphics specialist Alexander Larnak. His work attracted the attention of the organizers of Exposition Concept Car Paris, who advised to put the model of the car at the exhibition.

The sponsor of the creation of a full-size layout A portrait of db was the French company Marie 3D, which recently acquired the largest 3D printer – Massivit 1800.

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