Former F1 driver doubts Riccardo’s success with Renault

Former F1 driver doubts Riccardo’s success with Renault

December 25, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Mark Webber is very concerned about the departure of the rider from Red Bull, believing that in the new team it will be difficult for him to achieve the same bar as the former one.

Webber has already spoken about the decision of Daniel Ricardo to leave the Mercedes team and join the French. This news did not leave indifferent the rider, since the Renault team is not the most competitive in Formula 1. Moreover, he even talked about it personally with Riccardo.

“I’m still in touch with Red Bull and many in the team would like him to stay in it. I would like that too, and I told Daniel myself about it at dinner. My position has not changed, “- says Webber.

“Despite additional financial support and cooperation with Honda, the team is unlikely to be able to surprise with something next season. Here in 2020 – maybe.

 As for the French, they still want to cut staff and cut expenses and salaries in order to achieve some equality. And the driver, faced with such conditions, should be concerned. “

Daniel himself said that the transition to Renault is the decision of his heart. Anyway, the changes frighten him very much, but he intends to become better and challenge himself with a new challenge.