Former Audi head charged with dieselgate

Former Audi head charged with dieselgate

August 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

German authorities have formally charged former Audi head Rupert Stadler of participating in the so-called “diesel scandal” surrounding the Volkswagen concern. According to investigators, the ex-head of the company did not prevent the sale of brand cars, although he was aware of the manipulations with indicators of emissions of harmful substances. In addition, Stadler could participate in an advertising campaign containing obviously incorrect information, reports Reuters.

Rupert Stadler was arrested by German authorities in June 2018. The top manager was held in a prison in the city of Augsburg in southern Germany. In October, the Volkswagen Supervisory Board decided to fire Rupert Stadler. The concern explained this decision by saying that the 55-year-old top manager “is not able to fulfill duties due to pre-trial detention.” At the same time, the parties reached an agreement on voluntary dismissal.

In October last year, the former head of the company was released from custody. This decision was made by the court of Munich. At the same time, the top manager remained under investigation on suspicion of participating in the diesel scandal.

The scandal around Volkswagen related to the deliberate underestimation of the level of harmful emissions from diesel engines began in the fall of 2015. For the German concern, the situation with the dieselgate turned into enormous fines, the resignation of management and multimillion-dollar recalls of cars around the world.