Forgiato unveils new 26-inch drive kit

Forgiato unveils new 26-inch drive kit

January 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The publication is limited to 100 sets worth 11 thousand dollars each. In addition, an appropriate steering wheel is offered.

In November of this year, General Motors design director Michael Simcoe appeared on the Brembo online podcast to talk about car design, and said 24- and 26-inch wheels are likely to appear in the industry very soon. No one could have imagined that this would happen in just a few weeks, but Forgiato has just unveiled an amazing set of 26-inch alloys.

Of course, the company from Los Angeles is not a car manufacturer, and tuners often put non-standard wheels on different cars, but the fact that this is not the first 26-inch Forgiato wheel set probably indicates future deliveries from OEMs. The Forgiato wire wheel features a retro design with 127 spokes, massive floating caps and a 5×127 bolt pattern.

The manufacturer of non-traditional wheels declares that it already accepts return deposits in the amount of $ 500 for one of 100 new sets. The price of the complete set is $ 11,000, and there is also a multi-spoke steering wheel for $ 2,000. Forgiato will make a discount of $ 1,000 for the purchase of a full package (wheels and steering wheel). Deliveries will begin in February this year. Forgiato proudly states that “all wheels are built and finished at home using all American parts.”

Driving towards the big wheels no longer seems unusual. Concept cars are known for their huge, often unrealistic sizes of wheels and wild designs that look just great on the chosen car. Although this 26-inch “wire” set of wheels is not a design reference, it is presented to prove that large wheels will indeed appear in the industry soon.