Forgiato launches 26-inch wheels

Forgiato launches 26-inch wheels

January 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In the kit for the wheels you can purchase the appropriate steering wheel

The American company Forgiato presented a new set of 26-inch wheels with 127 spokes and even made a steering wheel of a similar design to them.

The novelty from the manufacturer of extravagant wheels from Los Angeles is distinguished by a gigantic diameter of 26 inches and an elegant retro design: in each wheel with a polished aluminum rim and a wide “shelf” you can count 127 thin stainless steel spokes. The number of bolts on the discs is 5, and the mounting holes are hidden under large covers with a self-leveling logo. Wheels will be released in a total of 100 sets and Forgiato is already taking pre-orders. To reserve the kit, you need to make a deposit of $ 500.

Wheel deliveries to customers are scheduled for February. A set of 26-inch wheels will cost $ 11,000, but there is a rather original way to save. The fact is that Forgiato also developed a steering wheel that repeats the design of the rims – though with fewer spokes. The steering wheel is offered for $ 2,000, but if you order both at once, the Californians give a discount of $ 1,000 for wheels – the set will cost 12 thousand instead of 13. Forgiato emphasizes that the wheels are designed and manufactured in the United States using exclusively American details.