Ford working on a new electric model?

Ford working on a new electric model?

November 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The recently published photo contains information on the all-electric version of the Transit van, as well as a completely new model.

A couple of hours ago, on the official page of Michael Martinez on Twitter, which is directly related to the American brand Ford, a very interesting photo appeared. It is interesting in that it mentions a new, fully electric version of the Transit van, which will be assembled at the company’s plant in Kansas City (USA). A really interesting fragment is presented at the bottom of the photo, where we see a mention of “a new product that will be added to the model line of the brand in 2023.” The fact is that it also mentions that the novelty will be assembled at that automaker’s factory, whose conveyors usually go off a wide range of commercial vehicles, including medium-duty trucks.

Does this mean that Ford is developing a completely new commercial vehicle?

Well what can I say. Yes, the phrase “new product” can tell us about a completely new car, which is being developed by a team of Ford engineers. This may well mean the appearance of an existing model, which will be assembled in a new place – at the company’s factory in Ohio. Obviously, there are many more questions than answers.

 Intrigue! Foreign journalists even contacted the company, so that they somehow commented on a previously published photo. But unfortunately, Ford representatives simply said that they could not say anything about this – the information is for internal use only.

However, something else is worth noting. Back in July of this year, it became known about a significant expansion of Ford’s cooperation with German Volkswagen, in which the American company gets access to the VW modular MEB architecture to create new all-electric vehicles. Coincidentally, the new Ford model should go into production in 2023.