Ford will start using exoskeletons at enterprises around the world

Ford will start using exoskeletons at enterprises around the world

August 7, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Special suits designed to facilitate and secure the work of employees of the assembly line will be applied at 15 plants of the American brand

Ford is going to make exoskeletons a part of the equipment of its enterprises all over the world. The program of using special suits designed to facilitate the process of assembling cars will be extended to 15 factories of the American concern.

Exoskeletons made of titanium and composite materials help the assembly line workers lift and move heavy objects when it is necessary to perform various actions in an uncomfortable position.

Such suits, providing additional protection and support, reduce fatigue and the possibility of injury to the employee. The company noted that the use of such devices will help significantly reduce the number of different incidents and reduce the unforeseen loss of time at production facilities to 75%.

A successful experiment with exoskeletons was launched at the American Ford plants in Wayne and Flat Rock in Michigan. Then special costumes were received by the employees of the plant in the Spanish Valencia.

Ford is not the only automaker that began to use exoskeletons on its assembly lines. This practice is used by a number of other companies, including BMW and Hyundai.