Ford will replace three models with a cross-universal

Ford will replace three models with a cross-universal

July 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

From the European model line of the brand will disappear Mondeo and S-Max, Galaxy Vans

According to Autocar, by 2021 three models will disappear from Ford’s European line: Mondeo, S-Max and Galaxy Vans. They want to replace them with one car – a cross-universal in the style of Subaru Outback.

The release of the new model, writes Autocar, will mark the departure of the Ford from the segment of minivans and large hatchbacks. The cross-universal has no name yet, but it will be sold not only in Europe, but also in North America. At the same time, insiders compare the new product with the Subaru Outback, which is relatively popular in the US, but remains a niche model in the Old World. However, the rejection of Mondeo, S-Max and Galaxy fully complies with the previously announced strategy and is associated with the transition from traditional machines to more utilitarian ones.

The basis of the cross-universal Ford will form the C2 platform from the fourth-generation Focus and the new Kuga. The range of engines is likely to include petrol and diesel units, including those with a 48-volt hybrid superstructure. It is not yet known whether Ford is going to bring all-wheel drive modifications to the market or will be able to manage only front-wheel drive with several modes of operation of the traction control system.

The Ford development plan for the coming years provides for a complete rejection of sedans: depending on the market, the company’s efforts will be focused on pickups, crossovers and elevated hatchbacks.