Ford will recall almost 270 thousand cars from behind the doors

Ford will recall almost 270 thousand cars from behind the doors

March 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Ford has launched two new car recalls for North America. The first includes certain 2014–2016 Ford Fiestas, 2014–16 Ford Fusions and 2014–2016 Lincoln MKZs, whose doors may not close properly. The second relates to Ford E-Series cars with a stripped chassis and 2021 notches with a wiring harness that could damage and expose important wiring.

Ford talks about 268,343 Fiesta hatchbacks, Fusion and MKZ sedans in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, with 248,912 injured cars in the United States. Recall that the door spring may crack in places where the temperature gets too hot. If the tongue breaks, the door may not close. Or, even worse, the door will temporarily close and open as soon as the car starts moving. As a fix, Ford dealers remove and replace the side door latches.

In another recall, the company is returning 3,631,2021 E-Series with new chassis. These vehicles may have wiring harnesses mounted on the frame, which may deteriorate and break due to friction of the frame. If the harness is worn, the wiring for the fuel system, trailer and anti-lock braking system may damage the entire technical system.

Those who have affected E-series vehicles must deliver them to car dealerships for inspection. If there is no damage, technicians will apply an anti-abrasive tape to the area and “provide clearance for the surrounding components.” If the harness is damaged, the wiring will be spliced ​​and fastened, then anti-abrasive tape will be added.