Ford will make 50 thousand ventilators

Ford will make 50 thousand ventilators

March 31, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Ford has confirmed that it is currently collaborating with GE Healthcare to produce 50,000 ventilators at its Ravsonville facility in Michigan.

Ford said Monday that it had entered into an agreement with GE Healthcare to start manufacturing ventilators developed by a Florida company at its Blue Oval component plant in Michigan. The automaker promises to build 50,000 devices in 100 days and will ultimately increase to 30,000 units per month to help healthcare providers treat patients with coronavirus.

Production will begin on April 20 at the Ravsonville plant near Ann Arbor. The ventilator design will come from Airon Corp., which specializes in high-tech pneumatic life support equipment. Thanks to Ford’s manufacturing capabilities and GE Healthcare’s clinical experience, fans are expected to be manufactured as quickly as possible to meet the country’s growing demand.

The AE model is said to be a less complex version of the ventilator, which experts say is sorely lacking to help patients with pulmonary insufficiency due to coronavirus. The device operates under air pressure without the need for electricity and meets the needs of most patients with COVID-19.

Ford said it will hire more than 500 UAW volunteers who will receive full payment for each vital unit. The manufacturer plans to use a number of tactics to ensure the safety of workers in Ravsonville and reduce the risk of infection, including forced social distance, preliminary screening of workers before entering the building using the barrier and plastic faceplates that Ford manufactures in the suburbs of Detroit. The same protective measures will be introduced for all workers when the plants are reopened.