Ford will launch a special service for the sale of its used cars

Ford will launch a special service for the sale of its used cars

November 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The American automaker said that a special internet site will begin its work early next year, which was created to sell used Ford vehicles online. The new service will be called Ford Blue Advantage.

Approximately three million used Ford vehicles are sold annually, but only a third of those deals were at a Ford dealer. This was announced by Mark LaNev, director of marketing, sales and service for Ford in the United States.

With such a huge number of used cars sold, the American automaker naturally wants to increase the share of cars sold through its authorized dealers. And, as it turned out, Ford Motor Co. There is already a solution for this, and it is called the Ford Blue Advantage (Ford Blue Advantage – editor’s note).

Ford Blue Advantage will link the fleet of used Ford vehicles held by all 3,100 dealerships and will be featured on a dedicated website. The machines will receive fixed prices and a warranty.

“We believe that from day one it will be the largest source of used Ford vehicles,” Mr. LaNeve said in a telephone conversation with reporters. “If you want a 2015 Mustang convertible in canary yellow, we can probably find it.”

LaNeuve noted that the used car market is critical to their dealerships and a huge source of profitability. With the emergence of an online platform, the company is likely to meet its goal of increasing used car sales through Ford dealerships.

The Ford Blue Advantage program will launch in early 2021, although no specific timeline has been set.

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