Ford will launch 10 new electric vehicles in China in 3 years

Ford will launch 10 new electric vehicles in China in 3 years

April 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Ford Motor plans to release more than 30 new Ford and Lincoln models in China over the next three years, 10 of which will be electric. The company also plans to strengthen its position in the field of autonomous driving.

According to Ford’s development strategy, China will focus on 5 major plans, in particular the “330” product plan, Smart Technology plan, innovation plan in China, partnership plan in China, and a plan for finding talent in China.

The conference was officially presented ?? new automotive information and entertainment system SYNC +, providing enhanced connectivity. Ford also plans to start equipping new cars in China with C-V2X technology in 2021. In addition, the company will seek to promote the use of a communication system and an intelligent driving assistance system for the Co-Pilot 360 in many models.

As for the China Innovation Plan, Ford Motor will create an innovation center in China, a design center and a new energy center, and increase investment in product research and development. Nanjing Research and Engineering Center and Ford joint ventures in China are empowered to develop local vehicles and services.

Ford continues to strengthen its partnerships with its joint venture partners, Changan Automobile and the Jiangling Motors Corporation Group, specializing in product development, marketing, sales and technology, as well as working with a large number of local technology companies in China. The brand will also expand the production of electric vehicles by introducing more industrial and capital resources with more flexible modes of cooperation and operation.

Staff reserve is another important point for the strategy of Ford China 2.0. The automaker is going to attract more management talent for the executive team of Ford China. In addition, the company will work hard to develop local employees, quickly adjusting strategies based on real-time market trends and speeding up the decision-making process.