Ford will develop an autopilot for SUVs

Ford will develop an autopilot for SUVs

November 10, 2017 0 By autotimesnews

Ford has patented several solutions for auto-controlled automotive systems that may be useful when riding off-road. This is reported by Off Road.

The new system consists of a special processor, in memory of which contain various prescriptions of one or another behavior of artificial intelligence for driving on different segments of the road. So, electronics analyzes the obstacles in the future path and pre-implements the settings of the car systems, including active suspension.

For example, artificial intelligence assesses the complexity of the future obstacle and tells passengers whether they will be safe in the cabin or they will need to leave the car when it is overcome.

Plus, Ford has patented a special remote control unit for an SUV, with which the driver can remotely interfere with the work of the autopilot. This solution will be useful if, for example, it becomes clear that the electronics does something wrong and the car can turn over.

Previously, Ford and Domino’s Pizza announced the launch of a joint project in which partners will explore the possibility of delivering pizza on autonomous vehicles. The idea is that customers can track the location of the car on the GPS with a special mobile application. When the UAV arrives, the buyer receives a message with instructions on how to pick a pizza from a special heated compartment. In order to pick up an order, the buyer will have to enter a unique code.