Ford will develop a car with the help of gamers

Ford will develop a car with the help of gamers

March 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The American company will ask gamers to help develop a new car.

Ford of Europe begins to develop a new car, but it is slightly different from a regular car. On the one hand, the novelty cannot be implemented in the physical world, so you can’t completely rely on the brand’s development team. This car Ford will create together with gamers, as it is intended only for the virtual world.

The company announced that it will begin work on the design of its car with the help of the captains of Team Fordzilla, a European esports team competing in games such as Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo Sport, as well as other players around the world. Part of the idea underlying the project is the development of a vehicle that is not burdened with the scope of the real world, be it cost, technology or practicality. This is also a chance for gamers to create a car for themselves, and not just an idea of ​​a real car.

A Ford spokesman said the company hopes that the car, currently called Team Fordzilla P1, will be featured in at least one, if not several video games, although this will depend on discussions between Ford and game developers. The design process begins this week, and the first decision to be made is which car it is. Team Fordzilla’s official Twitter account will share updates and surveys to help make the final design decision. The first survey is conducted on March 11, and the company says it plans to complete it within a few months, so it’s expected no later than March next year. We will be curious how the design will differ from a car designed for the real world.