Ford will begin production of unmanned vehicles in 2021

Ford will begin production of unmanned vehicles in 2021

August 17, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

The American company Ford plans to launch the first unmanned vehicle by 2021. Vehicles are fully autonomous and does not need a man to take control of the machine itself. There will be no drones wheel and pedals. It is planned that the first autonomous car Ford will receive mobile services for taxi, among which are called operators Uber and Lyft.

“We are making great efforts to appear on the roads autonomous vehicles, which will be able to increase security, as well as to solve social and environmental problems for millions of people”, – said Ford’s President Mark Fields.

Currently, Ford is testing their unmanned vehicles. In tests, participate autonomous Fusion. Machines equipped with a front camera, radar and ultrasonic sensors. Also, each machine is equipped with four lidar. The tests take place in a specially equipped Mcity site on the territory of the University of Michigan. For tests of unmanned vehicles in an area of 13 hectares was built model of the city. The place is divided into several blocks, each of which is modeled typical traffic situations, constructed complex junctions with flyovers, placed road signs and road closures are simulated. Organization of traffic in Mcity as close to reality: some places on the roads erased markings, signs and painted markers.

For stand-alone motion machines use high-resolution 3D-card, containing information about the type of road marking, geographical location, topography and important objects such as road signs, buildings or trees. Cars using lidar, scanning the terrain grid of infrared rays to determine the exact position on the road in real time. Sensors generate laser reflections 2.8 million per second, allowing to scan the surroundings with great accuracy.

It is expected that initially, this model will be used mainly by delivery services, which tend to reduce wage costs to drivers and car sharing services.

It is assumed that these vehicles will operate mainly in urban areas, where they will set up special zones for vehicles without a driver.

In addition, the Ford has announced the acquisition for an undisclosed sum Israeli startup SAIPS, which specializes in machine learning, and investments of $ 75 million in a California company Velodyne Inc., that is creating laser sensors. Also, own money invested in the Velodyne Chinese Internet company Baidu.

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