Ford will be equipped with a new driver assistance system

Ford will be equipped with a new driver assistance system

March 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

An innovative driver’s assistant is able to distinguish between road boundaries even in the absence of marking.

Ford, the American automaker, has developed a new driver assistance system. Smart electronics was taught to see the boundaries of the asphalt pavement on suburban roads so that the car would not be on the sidelines. Ford technology Focus, Kuga and Puma have already equipped the new technology. The system is called Road Edge Detection (RED) and is considered part of the lane control system. It works thanks to a special camera located under the cabin mirror.

 She can scan the borders of the roads 50 meters ahead and 7 meters on both sides. And all this at a speed of 72–113 km / h.

 A special algorithm helps the new system to distinguish structural changes in the road surface. We are talking about those places where the road goes into gravel or grass. In this case, the system steers the car a little so that it does not end up outside the road. The RED function copes with its duties perfectly even on tracks where the visibility of the markings is difficult. For example, due to rain or snow.

 At night, the headlights help the system, so that it works no less efficiently than during daylight hours. It is also noted that if the motorist does not respond to taxiing, warnings about the risk of a roadside exit will be used – vibration. The brand plans to equip this system with all of its new cars.