Ford unveils improved Escape Hybrid selfdriving car

Ford unveils improved Escape Hybrid selfdriving car

October 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Ford and Argo AI have launched their fourth-generation self-driving car, which is now based on the Escape Hybrid platform.

Scheduled for release this month, the new autonomous vehicle is packed with the latest advances in sensor and computing technology. Interestingly, Ford is stating that the Escape Hybrid is the architecture that will bring its autonomous vehicle service online, which could mean that at some point in the future we will see 4th generation autonomous vehicles as part of a car call service. …

“The systems we are implementing in our latest test vehicles are ‘planned’ in terms of the components that we believe will be needed to support commercialization. This means that with a well-defined architecture and platform in the Escape Hybrid, our team can continually test and improve performance over the coming years to better prepare us for launch, ”the press release said.

The company adds that the lessons learned from their use “can be transferred directly to our self-service service as soon as it starts serving customers.” Compared to its predecessors, the 4th generation self-driving car has many improvements. First, this sensor kit has even more advanced LiDAR, higher resolution cameras and more powerful radar sensors. Together, this results in improved detection of stationary and moving objects from all sides of the Escape.

All of these sensors and the computing systems that govern them are powered by a high-voltage, liquid-cooled battery located under the floor, and have received additional elements to provide the full power needed for an autonomous driving system.

Ford also looked to improve the sensor cleaning system, building on the road test experience gained with previous generation test vehicles. The team has developed forced air purification covert cameras that surround camera lenses and LiDAR sensors to provide a clear field of view. In addition, Ford has increased the number of spray nozzles and coverage areas for improved cleaning and increased pressure to speed up the process.

The automaker says it will gradually integrate its fourth-generation vehicles in multi-city testing alongside its fleet of Fusion hybrid vehicles in Austin, Detroit, Miami, Palo Alto, Pittsburgh and Washington DC.