Ford unveils fourth generation drone

Ford unveils fourth generation drone

October 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Ford showed the concept of a car on which the fourth generation autonomous control system will be tested.

It is worth saying that the complex was comprehensively improved, and it moved from the Fusion sedan to the Escape hybrid crossover. The hardware complex, which provides the cross-country with the ability to move without human participation, has acquired a new “hardware”. Computing power has increased, lidars and radars have become more efficient. Along with this, the complex has higher resolution cameras. All this should lead to an improvement in the ability of electronics to find and recognize objects around it, both stationary and moving.

The system for cleaning the observation organs of the complex was also modernized. The chambers have devices for forced air supply under high pressure, and there are more nozzles that spray the cleaning liquid. The carrier of the complex itself was also improved. The Escape Hybrid Cross received additional batteries to compensate for the power consumption of the electronic components.

As noted in Ford, the autonomous control system of its own production is being improved with an eye to commercial use. In the future, these developments can be applied, for example, when developing a fleet of autonomous vehicles for service in a taxi or ride-sharing services. Exactly when drones will begin to be used for commercial purposes is currently unknown.

In addition, it was recently noted that the American company Ford has demonstrated an SUV for the forestry service. It should be emphasized that such a car based on the Bronco model was named Wildland Fire Rig.