Ford unveiled the new Fiesta hatchback

Ford unveiled the new Fiesta hatchback

November 30, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

Seventh generation Ford Fiesta is officially revealed at a special event in Cologne, Germany. Actually, presented not one but four versions of the car: ST-Line, Titanium, Vignale and Active. This approach, according to the boss of the European division Jim Farley, “is an indication of how varied may be the best-selling small car brand.” If the strategy is successful, other models in the Ford lineup may go the same way.

Titanium version is aimed at traditional customers Fiesta, but with a higher specification to bring the car to the premium class and leave a niche for the model Ka +, designed to buyers who previously gave preference Fiesta with a lower level of equipment. ST-Line, inspired by the products of Ford Performance, with custom wheels, more aggressive front grille and side skirts, sports seats and steering wheel with a flat bottom, is addressed to customers who prefer a sporty style.

Active and Vignale radically depart from conventional Fiesta, to become elitist models. For example, the Fiesta Active received the style of an SUV, but it does not offer all-wheel drivebecause, according to the company, “it is expensive and does not have a great fuel efficiency due to the higher weight of the vehicle.” And the most luxurious model Vignale offer quilted leather seats and a wide range of equipment, to “meet the growing popularity of finishing higher class.”

Considering that the design of the Fiesta has changed a lot in recent years, the seventh generation of the Ford used the evolutionary approach, so the car is instantly recognizable as the Fiesta, although it gets a wider grille and narrower headlights than the current model, along with horizontal rather than vertical, rear lights, aimed to ensure that visually emphasize the width. In addition, the new car has become a 71 mm longer and 12 mm wider than its predecessor, while the wheelbase “grown” by 4 mm.

New Fiesta uses the platform of the previous model, complete with a recustomized MacPherson forward racks, rack and pinion steering and torsion beam rear, and electronic torque vectoring system. The front gauge line increased by 30 mm, rear – 10 mm, in order to optimize the suspension for 18-inch wheels. In general, the aim was to maintain the current balance of handling and to increase comfort.

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The range of engines comprises small blocks, including the most effective to date, 1.0-liter Ecoboost turbocharged petrol, which will offer 99, 123 and 138 hp power, as well as new atmospheric 1.1-liter three-cylinder petrol engine, available with 69 and 84 hp. In the most economical form this unit will emit only 98 g/km of CO2, although the 94-hp 1.5-liter diesel engine will be in the range of the most effective of harmful emissions 82 g/km, while the same unit of 118 hp this index will increase to 89 g/km. All engines are available with the system stop/start, and some versions of the car – with active aerodynamic grille.

Interior has changed a lot. On the dashboard was gone a lot of buttons, which are replaced by simpler controls, represented rotating “washers” and touchscreen infotainment system (6.5 inches in lower complete sets 8.0 – in models Titanium and Vignale).

Perched high on the instrument panel, the screen got the large icons to spend a minimum time for switching radio stations or to adjust the parameters of the car. In addition, it allows you to use your smartphone as well as an alternative (probably on the more expensive models) can be controlled by voice.

For buyers will be offered 15 driver assistance technologies, including automatic switching beam, recognizing traffic signs, adaptive cruise control, a descent warning system from traffic lanes and an automatic parking system. The new Fiesta will be the first Ford car available with the latest version of the urban autonomous braking system which is not only able to prevent the collision, and even detect pedestrians at night.

The final specification will be closer to the car enter the market (in the first half of 2017). But, while the next Polo will be available only in five-door body, the Fiesta will be offered in three and five-door variants.

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