Ford turns a virtual racing car into a real supercar

Ford turns a virtual racing car into a real supercar

December 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In the summer of 2020, a competition was held in which teams of gamers from several countries, as well as designers, could present their vision of a Ford supercar. Suddenly, a model created exclusively for virtual racing was brought to life.

The project winner was Ford designer Arturo Arinho with the Team Fordzilla P1 project. For a while, the car existed only as a virtual model, but by December, a full-size prototype was assembled by Ford Old Continent engineers. In addition to Arturo, teams of gamers from Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain presented their projects. However, viewers preferred the unusual racing supercar, which won the Twitter vote with a score of 83.8%.

Arturo said that in terms of design, he was inspired by the production sports car Ford GT. But the technical characteristics of the novelty remained behind the scenes. If you evaluate the car visually, you will notice a glass roof, almost completely closed rear wheels with fairings and a number of aerodynamic elements at the stern. Judging by the lack of exhaust pipes, it can be concluded that the Team Fordzilla P1 electric pedigree.

The supercar was named after a team of gamers participating in virtual races in Ford cars. The length of the car is 4731 mm, width – 2000 mm, height – 895 mm. The assembly took 7 weeks. In the cabin, as befits a car of this class, there are two seats. The multifunction steering wheel has a built-in display with a dashboard and digital indicators. On the body you can see the hashtag #levelup, which reminds of the constant striving for improvement, and #liftoff, which indicates the real embodiment of the supercar from the game. There is also an acronym GLHF (Good Luck, Have Fun), addressed to the players, and AFK (Away From Keyboard) in the cabin in front of the passenger, indicating that the user is busy and cannot respond.