Ford Transit appeared in the image of “sports” motorhome for 100 thousand dollars

Ford Transit appeared in the image of “sports” motorhome for 100 thousand dollars

July 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A modified version of the popular van was created by guys from the British MS-RT tuning studio. This camper got a new body kit, forked exhaust and wheels 18 inches.

A fan of automotive tourism, Steve North made an order for a sports Ford Transit. His wishes were brought to life by the tuners from the MS-RT studio. As a result, the world saw the luxury Ford Transit Custom motorhome, which cost the customer 77,000 pounds sterling (almost 100 thousand dollars). Such a camper received an aggressive body kit, xenon headlights and a number of stickers from MS-RT.

 It was also equipped with bifurcated exhaust pipes, adaptive cruise control and satellite navigation. The driver and passenger seats are covered with white leather with contrasting blue stitching, and the old steering wheel is replaced with a more stylish and sporty one.

But the car didn’t lose its functionality after the upgrade: a passenger sofa can be laid out in a comfortable bed, and an extra bed can be obtained in a sliding tent on the roof. In addition, Ford Transit Custom found a place for a small kitchen, where, in addition to the sink and countertops, there was a built-in stove and a refrigerator. For the performance of such a home on wheels meets the 167-strong diesel for two liters, working together with 6-speed automatic transmission.