Ford told when to wait for the first teaser of the new Mustang-style crossover

Ford told when to wait for the first teaser of the new Mustang-style crossover

August 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Initially, the name Mach 1 was chosen for the novelty, but fans of the brand criticized it.

Representatives of the American company Ford in an interview with, said that in November a teaser for the long-awaited crossover in the style of Ford Mustang will be shown. It is known that the novelty announced will be part of the new Ford Icons group, which will take under its wing cars associated with such historical names as Mustang and Bronco. Ford announced plans to release an electric crossover last year. At the same time, it was promised that fans of the brand would receive access to the car in 2020.

A little later, the Network got information that electrocross will be issued in the spirit of the legendary Mustang. The future novelty should have been called Mach 1, but fans did not approve of this idea.

One of the reports said that the brand was going to present a new product this year, but sales will begin in 2020. There are few technical details about the new Mustang-style crossover. According to rumors, the car will receive two batteries. With a “base” range of up to 484 kilometers, the second will allow him to travel without recharging up to 600 km. Over time, the automaker will also prepare a “charged” version of its new SUV.

The relevant media also write that Ford is working on another Mustang-style crossover, only with a traditional engine. As a platform, the next generation Ford Explorer platform is likely to be selected.