Ford the sake of a strong family! Ford decided to adjust bed movement

Ford the sake of a strong family! Ford decided to adjust bed movement

February 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Ford continues to try to diversify the business and, following the smart dog house, introduced a bed equipped with automotive technology and guaranteeing a comfortable sleep for any couple.

In recent months, Ford has always been in the spotlight: in a short time, the American company managed to enter into an alliance with the German concern Volkswagen, temper its ambitions in the field of UAVs and announce a radical reduction in business in Europe. Meanwhile, the European branch of the “blue oval”, in anticipation of the closure of passenger-car manufacturing plants and massive cuts, literally gush forth with ideas that will allow it to survive in a mobile era. On the eve of the New Year, the staff of the Ford Intervention project, which is engaged in the adaptation of automotive technologies for consumer goods, presented a clever kennel in which a doggie can shelter from thunderstorms, screams, explosions of pyrotechnics and other household noise / din to rest easy. This was not the end of the sleep theme for the Fordians, and now they have decided to provide quiet nights for people in a relationship and sleeping in the same bed.

According to a study conducted in 2012 in the United States, every fourth person in a relationship is more comfortable to sleep without a partner, and every tenth couple practices separate sleep – in different beds or even different rooms. Since then, the number of couples choosing to sleep separately has increased significantly, because otherwise it is simply impossible to sleep well! One and both partners continually go beyond their own half of the bed and push their loved one to the edge, which is fraught with a fall on the floor and injuries, and extremities may accidentally hit the face, and then explain at work why you have a bruise under your eye … In addition According to the National Health Service of the United Kingdom (NHS), the accumulated lack of sleep increases the risk of injuries and accidents on the road. However, with all the shortcomings of joint sleep, many people like to feel the warmth of a loved one and fall asleep in his arms. And so that the next dream proceeded peacefully and serenely, Ford developed a bed in the company, which automatically returns partners to bed rushing along the bed to each half.

The idea was suggested by lane control systems used in modern cars: the most advanced versions of such systems use steering and / or brake mechanisms to keep the car in the lane if the driver does not authorize the exit. The Ford bed accordingly holds in the “strip”, that is, in its own half, a sleeping person. To do this, the developers have made a mattress in the form of a belt conveyor with a coating in the form of a sheet and built-in load sensors. As soon as the sensors record the trim on the right or left side of the bed, the electric motor automatically and silently centers the sleeping. The video clearly shows how it works.

So far, the smart bed Ford is only a prototype, and the company does not report anything about the prospects for its mass production, but with proper attention from the public, Ford can easily start production of this and other wonders of furniture. Of course, before the release, you will have to carry out a huge amount of tests in order to understand how, for example, a moving mattress resists the loads created by people in previous occupations to sleep – it is possible that the tricky mechanism does not collapse from rolling, it will have to be equipped with an amplitude-dependent active suspension, and here Ford engineers experience will also be in demand.