Ford taught the headlights to shine on the road markings

Ford taught the headlights to shine on the road markings

November 2, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The American company has introduced a new technology for headlamps.

Ford has developed a new system that controls the headlights of cars. When setting up, it uses road markings and signs. To create a new option, dubbed the Adaptive Front Lighting System, the company’s engineers pushed the results of a survey, in which a quarter of drivers admitted that they were uncomfortable to drive at night.

When approaching the roundabout, the new system, focusing on the road sign, expands the beam of headlights, spreading them slightly to the sides. Thus the review gets better and the driver sees the other road users. On the suburban highway, the system, seeing a sign that says about the turn of the road, directs the light of the bar in the right direction even before the turn begins. At the same time, the driver perfectly sees the road going to the side, and the headlights of his car do not blind people traveling or going towards. This feature has become an additional feature of the system. The system distinguishes oncoming traffic and removes the headlights from it. Thanks to this, the driver does not need to switch from high beam to dim light when oncoming journeys.

The introduction of a new system does not require big money. The fact is that many cars are already equipped with video cameras, which monitor the distance and ensure that the car is within the strip. At Ford, it is located behind the salon mirror. This camera was used by engineers in the work of the new system. In the future, they are going to retrofit it with an infrared video camera so that the electronics can distinguish between pedestrians, cyclists and animals at a distance of 120 meters even at night.