Ford taught its cars to communicate with pedestrian gadgets

Ford taught its cars to communicate with pedestrian gadgets

June 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This is an innovative technology C-V2X, with which the car can “communicate” with other vehicles and the environment through wireless communications. Such a car is better “sees and hears” of all road users.

Ford has demonstrated the capabilities of its new technology, known as the C-V2X. Recall that this revolutionary system, which was actively talked about last year, helps cars to interact with the road infrastructure and other road users. Through the efforts of experts, a special device was created that can combine signals from various sources and explain the intentions of cyclists and pedestrians with their help. More specifically, we are talking about a communication unit that supports the C-V2X communication standard.

Cars equipped with such a “smart” system will be able to receive useful information at once from a variety of sources – from traffic lights to smartphones and transmitters on bicycles and scooters.

So, the most ordinary smartphone using Bluetooth can transmit to the approaching transport a message about the intention of a pedestrian or cyclist to cross the roadway. Another revolutionary development, presented by Ford, concerns the communication of UAVs. For example, at difficult intersections where ordinary and autonomous cars meet, she will tell you who should drive first. The decision is made in a split second automatically.