Ford starts testing new Ford Mustang

Ford starts testing new Ford Mustang

February 11, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Although Ford is pulling off one model after another from the American market, some model names will live on forever. The Mustang name is already in use for an electric SUV, but the brand is bringing back another successor to its legendary pony car. The new generation Mustang appears in spy photos for the first time.

The current sixth generation Ford Mustang has been around for several years. It was presented to the world at the end of 2013 and was restyled in 2017. One new Mustang is currently in development, and trials seem to have begun. It’s worth noting that the instance is very similar to the current model, but that’s because we’re dealing with a test mule. Ford is using the current generation (S550) Mustang bottom bracket to test the technology of its successor.

The partially disguised prototype appears to be a mixture of different versions of the Mustang. Not only mustang Mach 1 details such as the side skirts can be seen here, but also GT versions and regular Ecoboost variants. The front panel is not from Mach 1, however, and there is no fender in the back. At the rear, brand new brakes can be seen, although the no-brakes lettering on the driver’s side glass looks a little odd.

According to preliminary information, this test mule is testing the transmission, especially the four-wheel drive. As proof, the rear wheel exhibits a twin-caliper setup not found on “regular” Mustangs. The jagged wire harness going into the rear wheel arch is easy to see, but less visible is another set of wires going into the front.

It is likely that Ford will supply the next-generation Mustang with a V8, a further development of the 5.0 “Coyote” V8 engine used in the current Mustang GT. The offer will undoubtedly be complemented by four and six cylinders and will likely include one or more electrified options.