Ford starts selling the electric van E-Transit. Prices are known

Ford starts selling the electric van E-Transit. Prices are known

May 4, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Starting in July this year, the American brand will begin taking orders for the E-Transit electric van. Prices start at $ 43,295. The electric novelty will be available in eight configurations.

The Ford E-Transit electric commercial van will cost from $ 43,295 for the cutaway version (with the option of mounting on the cargo box frame) and up to $ 52,690 for the high roof, extended wheelbase model. Today the company will open access to a website where you can register and pre-order a new product for yourself. The real order can be made in July.

Ford will offer the E-Transit in eight configurations. Three roof heights, three lengths, a chassis with cab and a cutaway version will be available.

The E-Transit has a 67 kWh battery that provides an estimated range of up to 202.78 km for a low roof van configuration. According to Ford, the average commercial van travels 119.09 km a day, so an EV should provide sufficient distance for most customers. The automaker says the new electric powertrain will produce 266 horsepower and 430 Nm of torque.

Internally, the cargo dimensions and attachment points are the same as the existing Transit, which means that companies can continue to use the same internal layout for the electrical version of the Transit. There is also an optional Pro Power Onboard generator with up to 2.4 kilowatts for tasks such as starting power tools or recharging equipment.

One thing that should make E-Transit attractive to businesses is its low maintenance costs. Ford estimates that the electric version will require 40 percent less maintenance money than the Transit with an internal combustion engine.

Even before the opening of pre-order acceptance, more than 450 commercial customers, including several fleets, showed interest in E-Transit. According to a study by the automaker, 70 percent of companies operating full-size buses or vans intend to switch to all-electric equivalents by 2030.

Ford will launch a pilot program this summer that will allow some customers to use the E-Transit before the van officially goes on sale. The company will announce more details about this enterprise later.

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