Ford showed the first pickup in the world of Emoji

Ford showed the first pickup in the world of Emoji

July 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

American automaker contributed to the celebration of World Emoji Day

On Wednesday, July 17, users, companies and brands around the world celebrate Emoji Day. Ford was no exception and invited the non-profit organization “Unicode Consortium” to approve the official pictogram pickup. Novelty dedicated full video teaser.

The American automaker approached the matter as seriously as if it were a question of developing a real car. In the teaser you can see designers who are developing the look of the future of Emoji, the production process and, of course, a show car covered with cloth. Ford representatives called their creation “an exceptionally compact pickup truck, which is the world’s first emoji.”

Ford’s offer is on the Emoji shortlist, with which Unicode will add to the existing list in early 2020.

Earlier, new Emoji introduced and the company Apple – the icons will be available to users this fall. Among others, bionic limbs, emoji dedicated to people with disabilities, new animals and food appeared. By the way, World Emoji Day is celebrated on July 17, since it is this date that is depicted on the calendar icon.