Ford showed movement on the roads of the future. No traffic lights

Ford showed movement on the roads of the future. No traffic lights

October 11, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company Ford has demonstrated how the movement of UAVs will be

Ford has published a video in which it clearly showed how in the near future movement of unmanned vehicles might look. On the roads without traffic lights.

According to the manufacturer, on average, drivers spend two days each year waiting for a green traffic signal. Moreover, about 60 percent of all accidents occur at intersections. Ford considered that it was possible to get rid of both problems thanks to autonomous machines.

The new development of the company allows cars to communicate with each other, accurately determining their location. If the cars drive up to the same intersection, the electronics will calculate the ideal speed of its passage so that the cars do not have to stop. The desired speed will be reported to the driver.

This system is developed as part of the British state program Autodrive. The three-year project explores autonomous and Web-connected technologies and vehicles. Tests are conducted on the roads of Milton Keynes and Coventry. The program will end at the end of October. The total investment in the project amounted to 20 million pounds.