Ford showed first image of F-150 electric pickup

Ford showed first image of F-150 electric pickup

September 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The newest car will enter the assembly line in mid-2022

Ford has released the first teaser for the all-electric Ford F-150 pickup. The shaded image shows the front end of a model that will fit onto the assembly line of the new Rouge Electric Vehicle Center at Ford Rouge’s Dearborn plant, which builds electric cars.

The electric version will receive a special radiator grill cover with a three-dimensional pattern. Daytime running lights are united by a light strip in a single U-shape, and small headlights are located on the sides. The large strip resembles the optics of the Rivian startup models, which Ford previously invested half a billion dollars in development.

Judging by the image, many features of the front end are borrowed from the Ford-150 with a traditional ICE model of 2021: the shape of the fenders and rear-view mirrors, as well as the relief of the bonnet, are similar to the pickups. Under the hood of the electric version, instead of the engine, there will be a trunk for storing things.

There are no details about the equipment and power plant of the car yet. Earlier, Ford assured that the “green” version will be the most powerful in the F-150 lineup in its entire history. The pickup is expected to receive two electric motors with a combined output of over 450 horsepower, one on each axle. The battery pack can be integrated into the truck frame for improved weight distribution and increased strength.

Last year, Ford showed off the power of a prototype electric pickup truck, which managed to get a dozen loaded double-deck cars off the ground. First, the electric car was tested with empty wagons, and then 42 copies of the 2019 Ford F-150 were installed on the platforms, as a result of which the total mass increased to a million pounds (more than 450 tons).