Ford Sat-Nav function won’t let you get lost on the road

Ford Sat-Nav function won’t let you get lost on the road

August 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Thanks to the breadcrumb system, the compact Ranger Raptor pickup will record its movement on the on-board map, so that later you can use the set marks so that it does not get lost.

The compact Ford Ranger pickup in the high-performance version of the Raptor was equipped with the “breadcrumb” system. It is designed to “help drivers not get lost while driving on the road.” The system is similar to the one used by Hansel and Gretelel in the tales of the Brothers Grimm. Unlike the bread crumbs left by the brother and sister in Grimm’s fairy tale, Ford pickup “crumbs” cannot be eaten by birds.

The truck’s on-board navigation system “resets” every second a virtual mark on their map, allowing those who move away from the beaten track to trace their way back.

  The system is activated when the driver turns on the corresponding option in the Sync 3 infotainment system – this “trick” is in the high-performance Ranger Raptor pickup. Then the function will begin to operate when the car is off-road, which will give the driver the opportunity to return to the road along the same route that was used previously.

 “Whether it’s a job or an adventure, the new Raptor loves being used for off-road driving,” said Leo Rox, director of Ford Performance. “Navigating in the form of permanently abandoned tags is a simple but effective way to help drivers know their route exactly wherever they are.”

  This feature is not necessarily what owners of such pickups can expect from a high-performance car, but the Ranger Raptor is not the usual representative of the Ford Performance lineup. Unlike the Fiesta ST and Focus ST, as well as the GT supercar focused on asphalt, the Raptor is designed for high-speed off-road driving.

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