Ford relies on autonomous systems level 3

Ford relies on autonomous systems level 3

January 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

As noted by journalists – “Ford is reviewing its own ambitious plans for UAVs.” The company decided to concentrate on improving the systems of the second and third levels, instead of a large investment in level 4.

Back in 2016, Ford officially announced its intention to “jump over” third-level drones, and start developing 4 levels at once (fully autonomous cars with the ability to control the driver).

“We abandoned the logical approach to driver assistance technology and decided that we would make a real leap to create fully autonomous cars of level 4,” – said Raj Nair, former president of Ford in North America, at an event in August. 2016 Company executives argued that this approach is unique and will differentiate Ford from competitors such as GM.

The main reason for this decision was the doubts in the algorithm of transferring control from person to vehicle and vice versa. That is, how to determine the very moment when you can turn off the drone, or vice versa enable it. Whether it will lead to a possible accident and so on.

Now the company assures that the use of high-resolution cameras, as well as new algorithms contributed to the development of control systems for the driver’s actions, and determining his degree of attentiveness on the road.

In turn, the leap to full autonomy, at the moment, is considered inappropriate.