Ford received a patent for the world’s largest windshield

Ford received a patent for the world’s largest windshield

December 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Ford has a patent for a new roof design that uses curved beams to form the front and rear windows that cover almost the entire upper area.

The approach will improve visibility and increase the amount of natural light in the cabin. The Blue Oval plan is to use several curved beams to form the top structure and connect them to the usual roof railing, creating vertical pillars. Judging by the images, this layout creates a relatively small part, where there is no glass, and a place behind the front seats for the sake of an extensive appearance.

The main concern due to the fact that the material for the main roof structure is very small is how it will withstand the accident, but the patent gives an explanation of this situation. As indicated in the document, the arched shape helps the distribution of power in a side impact. The use of “fingers” that will attach the roof sections to areas further down the pillars is also described, and this fastening method makes the structure more robust.

 Ford’s patent describes several methods for constructing a roof structure. The most obvious option is to simply apply the individual parts and connect them to the vertical parts. A company can also use additive manufacturing to make the structure seamless. The grid structure will provide an additional advantage, which is to save weight while maintaining strength.

  Meanwhile, as a Ford patent demonstrates the Mustang roof design, the corporation claims to be compatible with all types of vehicles.