Ford received a patent for the opening grille

Ford received a patent for the opening grille

December 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A similar technical solution can be applied on an electric pickup based on F-150.

An application for Ford’s original invention appeared in the database of the US Patent and Trademark Office: a retractable cargo compartment in the front of the machine, “hidden” behind a false radiator grille. Obviously, this solution applies only to cars that do not have an internal combustion engine, which is usually located under the hood. That is, for electric cars.

Judging by the images, to get to the engine compartment, the motorist will not have to open the hood itself. It will be enough to fold away the “radiator grill”, behind which a sliding compartment with a backlight is hidden.

 Ford previously confirmed that it was working on an environmentally friendly model. It was previously noted that this will be an electric pickup based on the F-150. It is expected that the new model will enter the market in three versions: with one electric motor and single-drive, with all-wheel drive system and two motors, one on each axis and four power units – one on each wheel.

  According to assumptions, the debut of the electric pickup will take place closer to the end of 2020, and mass production will start no earlier than 2021. It can be assumed that one of the competitors of the electric F-150 will be Tesla Cybertruck. The latter also has a luggage compartment in front, which has a volume of 135 liters.