Ford recalls 1.4 million cars due to steering defect

Ford recalls 1.4 million cars due to steering defect

March 14, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Regular reviews because of poor-quality assembly of cars, Ford risks losing credibility among consumers.

Auto Concern Ford acknowledged that in some models under the brands Ford and Lincoln were incorrectly installed steering wheels. On this occasion, the manufacturer is forced to recall 1.38 million vehicles in North America.

Under the new revocable campaign came the sedans Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ on the same platform, which were released from 2014 to 2018. The engineers of the company have revealed that these bolts are not fastened to the steering wheel bolts. As a consequence, the steering wheel can be disconnected at any time from the steering column, if the car has not yet been dismantled by the service men.

In the US, 1.3 million units of Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ will be withdrawn. In Canada, they will be asked to contact the owners of 62,000 vehicles, and another 14,000 in Mexico.

According to the concern of Ford, two accidents were already registered because of the disconnection of the steering wheel. In one of them, the driver was injured.

The new tip is another reminder of the poor quality of assembling Ford cars on the assembly line, which beats the company’s reputation. Earlier on Ford many complaints about door locks on cars showered. The total cost of parts that needed to be replaced during the recall campaign was $ 600 million.

In early 2018, Ford has already withdrawn 360,000 vehicles because of problems with Takata airbags and 1.3 million Explorer crossovers due to a defect in the exhaust system that could lead to exhaust leakage into the interior.