Ford recalled the eco-friendly Mustang

Ford recalled the eco-friendly Mustang

March 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Company posted teaser on the eve of the presentation Tesla Model Y

Ford recalled a hybrid or electric “Mustang” on Twitter with a contour image of the brand stallion and the caption “Hold your horses”. The blue shade of the logo may symbolize the environmental friendliness of the new version of the sports car, and the text – what to wait is not long.

As a rule, various shades of blue are used to identify “green” models: they are added to nameplates, decorative elements or optics. In the case of the Mustang, color can speak of any type of electrification of the model, because rumors of a hybrid appear with enviable regularity, and the concept of an electric Ford sports car even showed on video.

As for the text Hold your horses, this is a rather well-known idiom in English, which in its modern meaning translates as “wait” or “be patient.” Perhaps in this way Ford is hinting that the concept or pre-production prototype premiere is short.

In October last year, the American manufacturer made a commercial for The Future Is Built, which showed the Mustang with a deaf decorative grille. “Closed” design of the “nose” is usually used on electric vehicles.