Ford Ranger tops list of most American cars of 2020

Ford Ranger tops list of most American cars of 2020

September 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The USA has published a rating of the “most American cars” by origin and localization of production. The 2020 Made in America Auto Index study was compiled by experts from the Kogoda School of Business at the American University in Washington. Topping the list is the mid-size frame pickup Ford Ranger T6.

To maximize the objectivity of the rating, a number of factors were taken into account, including the place of production, where the R&D (that is, R&D) was carried out to create the car, in which country the profit from sales settles, the share of components made in the USA and Canada, the place of manufacture of the engine and transmission, labor force …

Ford Ranger T6 scored 85 points out of 100 possible, the share of parts made in the USA and Canada is estimated at 70%. It is noteworthy that back in 2019, experts from the Kogoda Business School estimated the share of American parts in this model at only 50% – localization jumped after Ford began installing a US-made engine in the Ranger T6 in 2020.

The second place in the rating of the “most American cars” was taken by the Chevrolet Camaro with an automatic transmission. Its “Americanness” is estimated at 83 points. The third position was taken by pickups Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon with gasoline engines. On the fourth line, there are two versions of the Jeep Cherokee. The fifth place is occupied by five cars at once – Ford Explorer, Cadillac CT4 and CT5, as well as Tesla Model S and Y.

It is noteworthy that the Ranger was not sold at all in the United States for many years. Moreover, the current generation T6 was developed by Ford’s Australian division. The pickup truck entered the market back in 2011 and only appeared in America in 2018.

As for the cars of foreign brands, most of all America was in the Acura TLX, Honda Odyssey, Passport and Ridgeline. Their localization rate is 70%. This is higher than all of the above cars, except for the Ford Ranger (it also has 70%).

In 2019, researchers called the Corvette with automatic transmission and the Chevrolet Volt the “most American” (it was discontinued in the same year).