Ford Ranger Raptor pickup truck gets a wooden copy

Ford Ranger Raptor pickup truck gets a wooden copy

November 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The network told about an unusual wooden pickup Ford Ranger Raptor. The copy of the popular American car turned out to be so accurate that the original is guessed accurately.

An interesting video has been posted on YouTube showing the painstaking process of creating a wooden copy of the new Ford Ranger Raptor pickup. This model is now very popular among off-road truck enthusiasts. So it is not surprising that the master decided to take this particular Ford pickup as the basis of his new project.

The footage shows how a massive wooden block with the help of simple tools and the professionalism of the master turns into a real car, albeit a miniature one. To reproduce the design of the pickup as much as possible, the master carefully works out all the details.

For example, the master did not forget about the side steps like a real Raptor, neat door handles, a massive radiator grille and so on.

From the body, he moves to the hood and doors, then neatly decorates the front of the wooden pickup, stern and wheels with off-road tires.

The wooden Ford Ranger Raptor isn’t devoid of functionality. It was “equipped” with a chassis with a working suspension and a basic steering system. It even has an engine compartment and opening doors.

Earlier, the web showed a racing version of the Ford Ranger Raptor truck. For excellent speed and comfortable handling, the car received not only a powerful engine, but also special suspension settings.