Ford Ranger from Ford Performance studio or official pickup tuning

Ford Ranger from Ford Performance studio or official pickup tuning

April 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In order to upgrade the American pickup, the guys from Ford Performance require $ 825. In this case, the power of the “native” motor will be increased to 315 hp.

If you have a Ford Ranger in 2019 or 2020, the Ford Performance division that tunes the carmaker’s production models will happily increase the power of your 2.3-liter turbocharged EcoBoost engine. Modernization allows the power plant of a mid-size pickup truck to produce 315 horsepower and 520 Nm of torque. This is an increase of 45 hp. (81 Nm) compared to standard indicators. For the modernization of the motor, a fee of $ 825 will be taken.

 The company is also proud that the Power Pack, as this function is called in the price list, offers “improved handling and throttle response over the entire engine speed range”.

The kit includes the Ford Performance Pro Cal 4 calibration tool and the K & N high-performance air filter. While the Ranger is usually refueled with 87 octane gasoline, this update means the truck needs premium fuel. An official guarantee for three years or for the passage of 57,936 km delivers all work.

 In addition to the kit to increase the power of the Ranger pickup powerplant, you can purchase another exhaust system that will provide a different sound with chrome or black tailpipes that will come out from the side. This option costs $ 1,095. For $ 1,495, a Fox shock absorber kit with an internal floating piston front and rear will be offered.