Ford plans to reduce the number of platforms

Ford plans to reduce the number of platforms

August 12, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

New modular platforms will allow the American automaker to produce a wider range of models. Note that earlier it was planned that the management of the company Ford decided to leave only 9 platforms out of 30, according to new data, now this figure is equal to 5.

The top managers of the American brand Ford, as they say, unanimously repeat to the shareholders’ council about new, grandiose plans to increase profits, reduce all possible costs and create the most competitive products. It has long been known that the automaker is going to abandon the production of its usual models (sedans, hatchbacks, subcompact cars) in favor of the popular crossovers and off-road vehicles nowadays. In addition, pick-ups are now also in high priority. The management of the American brand is planning to significantly reduce costs during the next 5 years – the planned amount is 25.5 billion dollars.

As it was possible to learn to journalists of the foreign edition of Automotive News, the company plans to reduce the number of modular platforms to 5. It is reported that this plan will be implemented in the next few years and in particular thanks to such unification and it is planned to save a significant part of the funds.

According to the idea of ​​the top managers of the brand, each platform will be created for a certain range of models, both existing ones and those that currently exist only on paper. Cars such as the full-size F-150 pickup truck and full-size Expedition SUV will ride a platform with a body frame structure and a rear / four-wheel drive. Crossovers, such as Escape (compact) and Edge (medium size), can get a front-wheel drive or full. The platform with a drive to the rear axle RWD or AWD (automatically connected four-wheel drive) can be used for the Mustang sports coupe and a full-size Explorer crossover, the latter can get rear-wheel drive in 2020. A single platform will be created for both commercial brand minibuses and for electric vehicles.

Ford hopes to save about $ 7 billion to develop new products, as well as engineering costs. The reduction will also reduce the time required to bring a new / updated car to the market by 20%.