Ford plans to convert Mustang to electric

Ford plans to convert Mustang to electric

December 2, 2019 1 By autotimesnews

It has not yet been announced exactly when we see the Ford Mustang with an all-electric powerplant, but the next generation will receive the hybrid version.

The legendary American car began to be produced in 1964. The current, sixth generation has been produced since 2015, and the last time the model was updated in 2018. Ford plans to introduce the next generation Mustang as early as 2021. He will receive the same platform as the next Explorer, and will be equipped with a hybrid power plant. The automaker does not rule out the possible appearance of a fully electric version of the Mustang, although specific dates are not yet known.

In one of the interviews, Ron Heyzer, the developer of the brand’s recent novelty, the Ford Mustang Mach-E electric crossover, spoke about the company’s plans. He said that the future “outlet” muscle car will receive the same platform as the Mach-e SUV. And later he added that subsequently other cars of the brand, not necessarily with the name Mustang, will be created on its basis.

 If necessary, you can change the length of the platform, it is suitable for placing various types of batteries, as well as electric motors on either the rear or both axles.

 Earlier, many experts said that the future version of Mustang is associated with the concept of Lithium EV, which was created in conjunction with Webasto and shown at the SEMA tuning show in Las Vegas at the beginning of last month. However, the engineer refuted them, noting that the thoughts on the release of the “outlet” muscle car were in no way connected with this model.

Ron Heyzer said plans to create an “electric mast” are based on the assumption that in the near future the car market will switch to electric cars.

 At the same time, information appeared that the Mustang of the seventh generation will be presented in 2021. He will have, including a hybrid modification. The sports car of the 2020 model year in the United States is offered with gasoline engines of 2.3 liters (310 and 330 hp), 5 liters (460 and 480 hp), as well as 5.2 liters (526 and more than 700 hp). Paired with power units, a ten-speed or seven-speed automatic with dual clutch, as well as a six-speed manual gearbox, are working.

 It is also worth noting that Ford Mustang sales in the US are gradually declining, which means that the company will obviously have to come up with new ideas to increase demand. In 2018, 75,842 copies were sold, which is 7.4% less than the result for the 2017th year, and in the first half of this year – 38,542 sports cars, which corresponds to a decrease of 9.2%.