Ford offers a free car remote control system

Ford offers a free car remote control system

June 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Ford car owners who live in Europe can use their special application to drive their car and find out all the necessary information about it.

Currently, Ford offers its European customers a wide range of services for remotely interacting with vehicles, allowing them to control a number of functions of their cars from a smartphone.

The offer extends to both new and existing models equipped with the FordPass Connect system, and includes services such as checking the vehicle’s condition, fuel and oil levels, the number of kilometers that it can cover before refueling and locking / unlocking doors using FordPass mobile app.

Previously, Ford offered these services to new car buyers for a two-year trial subscription for 99 euros, but now the company has refused the monthly fee for the above functions.

With the FordPass app, drivers can also take advantage of features such as remote-start the car’s engine – for models equipped with an automatic transmission, as well as control the climate control system. The application also shows the exact location of the car and can send push notifications and notifications in the application about various vehicle parameters.

“From now on, every car enthusiast in Europe who buys a Ford car can take advantage of a number of additional services for remote control of vehicles – this is an important part of our promise to make smart cars for the smart world,” said Richard Bann, FordPass project director.