Ford Mustang will be the basis for many future models of the brand.

Ford Mustang will be the basis for many future models of the brand.

March 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It looks like the legendary Ford Mustang sports coupe can be the basis for several models of the American brand, which will be related to different segments.

The leadership of the American brand Ford has a goal to become a car maker, which produces modern, environmentally friendly and fuel efficient, and at the same time high-performance cars.

Most of the Blue Oval strategy will be centered around a single model, which will create half a dozen derivatives (or even more) located in several segments.

This is a Mustang – a car that will be electrified in the course of a new decade and will even turn into a crossover.

According to new data from foreign publications, the legendary sports model will receive another version. The automaker wants to create a series of crossovers, which will be released under the brand Mustang. It is reported that the company will use the new rear-wheel drive platform from the Explorer 2020 model year crossover as the basis.

Ford is also developing the all-electric Mustang crossover, but the new crossovers, which will also be named Mustang, will not be electric and will work on internal combustion engines that can get electrified. Journalists say that the crossover Mustang models will have a design similar to the German BMW X4 crossover, combined with power levels that are different from the Shelby Mustang – a more powerful performance model.

All the same, this is not confirmed information, but we are inclined to believe that the sports coupe Mustang can still turn into several production cars. You see, when you are a major player in the market and you already have a platform, a design direction and a legendary, recognizable name, it makes no sense to miss this opportunity.