Ford Mustang from the movie Bullitt will be sold at auction

Ford Mustang from the movie Bullitt will be sold at auction

January 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The dark green Ford Mustang GT, which became the hero of the legendary 1968 Bullitt painting, will be sold at Mecum next week.

In 2005, LoveFilm experts recognized the scene of the 10-minute chase as the best in the history of cinema, the same rating was recorded by the film review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

Two Ford Mustang GTs participated in the shootings of Bullitt – one was considered destroyed, but it was found in a Mexican dump 3 years ago, the second was sold to Robert Ross, an employee of the Warner Brothers film company, then the car was changed by several owners. In 1977, Frank Bullitt’s actor, actor Steve McQueen, wanted to buy this Mustang from a new owner, but he refused.

 Since 1974, Mustang has been owned by Robert Kearnan. 45 years ago, an American paid $ 6,000 for a sports car, which is equivalent to $ 30,200 for today’s money. The car was used as a daily vehicle for several years, until in the early 1980s it clutch failed with a mileage of 105,000 km.

  For some reason, Kiernan did not change the part and put the Mustang in the garage. They decided to reanimate the sports car in 2001, but due to the owner’s illness the work was suspended. After the death of Robert Kearnan, the car was inherited by his son Sean. By coincidence, the 1968 Mustang remained in almost pristine condition with a maximum number of factory parts. Only the V8 engine with a volume of 6.4 liters was repaired.

 The Mecum auction house does not disclose the approximate cost of the lot, however, according to independent experts, the hero of the Bullitt tape can bring its owner about $ 4 million. Bidding is scheduled for January 10 this year.