Ford Mustang electric SUV published

Ford Mustang electric SUV published

August 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A few days ago, photographers captured the new Ford SUV, inspired by the Mustang, and today we can see the image of the future news.

Unfortunately, in the early shots camouflage hid most of the design elements. Only a few features stood out, such as a sloping roof, a front bumper and a rigid strut.

But we don’t have to wait until November when Ford introduces the SUV to find out how it might look. Thanks to independent artists for this render, in particular to designer Luke Serafini, who made a small attempt to visualize the upcoming Ford Mustang-style electric SUV through Photoshop.

This image may be one of the best visualizations we have ever seen. The concept is more like a “charged” hatchback than a real SUV, as is the case with many modern crossovers.

The concept uses elements of the Mustang Bullit, but is integrated and adapted to the Cayenne Coupe. Everything is a little enlarged. I tried to present the idea that we can have a different style for a sports SUV, which goes in the direction of a large hatchback, rather than a “pouted” body with tiny wheels and a generally bulky appearance, ”the artist himself noted.

Here’s what we know about Ford’s upcoming electric SUV: the production version will debut in 2020 and may be called Mach E, based on patent applications. The range of new items on a single charge will be about 482 km. There are still a lot of unknown facts about the model, but expect the first Ford electric crossover to be sporty, given its distance to the Mustang, and will directly compete with models such as the Tesla Model Y.