Ford Mustang electric crossover

Ford Mustang electric crossover

February 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Highlighting the new strategy for Ford, automaker executive chairman Bill Ford said the electric crossover, inspired by the Mustang, “will be damn expensive.”

Ford is absolutely serious about his electrification plans. The company wants to have a hybrid, PHEV or all-electric version of each of its models, and, in addition, it will release a number of completely new nameplates with electric powertrains. One of these new members of the line will be a crossover in the style of the Mustang, which should appear on the market next year.

While Ford’s previous electrified models, such as Focus Electric, Fusion Energy and C-Max PHEV, were best known for their good fuel efficiency, new electric cars will focus on performance and efficiency at the same time.

Separately from the entire line is the future electric crossover, created based on the legendary model Ford Mustang. The car will be fully focused on power and dynamic performance. However, it will become fashionable and will be very expensive.

Ford is already in the advanced stages of developing the Mustang-style electric crossover. However, the details are not yet known.