Ford Mustang creator Chrysler convertible sold at auction

Ford Mustang creator Chrysler convertible sold at auction

January 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The auction house Bonhams next week will hold an auction that will sell a convertible Chrysler LeBaron, owned by Lee Iacocca.

In 1982, when the car just entered the market, Iacocca in an advertising video said: “If you can find a car better than this, get it.” And he was right. It was LeBaron, along with other cars that were built on a front-wheel drive platform, that helped Iacocca save Chrysler from bankruptcy, winning the recognition and love of motorists of that period.

It is now planned to put up for sale a personal LeBaron Lee Lee Iacocca sample of the 1986 production year. The mileage of this car is only 32 thousand km, the body is in excellent condition and even digital sensors function as well as they did 34 years ago.

 A unique feature of this car is the body. The LeBaron Town & Country variation, which has a soft roof, is extremely rare – a total of 1,105 units of the convertible were produced during the entire production cycle.

 The preliminary cost of the car varies between 20 – 25 thousand dollars, but taking into account the past of such an instance and its condition, the final price will probably be much higher.