Ford Motor Company decided to find the greatest artifact in the brand’s history

Ford Motor Company decided to find the greatest artifact in the brand’s history

January 30, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

ford vase cup photo

The Ford Motor Company intends to find, perhaps one of the most important artifacts in the Ford’s history – a glass punch bowl, which Henry Ford received in October 1901 for winning the race at Gross Puente. This victory pushed Ford to create Ford Motor, writes Automotive News.

The race, organized by Detroit Driving Club, took place on October 10, 1901. It favorite was engineer and founder of Winton Motor Carriage Alexander Winton. The prize for the winner was chosen by Winton’s personal manager, because the organizers of the race were confident of his victory.

Nevertheless, the breakdown of the car did not allow Winton to become a winner, and the press and investors began talking about Ford cars from that time on. The prize money – one thousand dollars (about $ 29,000 in current money) – was the first investment in a new company, and the punch bowl took an honorable place in the lobby of the Fair Lane estates.

In 1950, after the death of his wife, Ford Clara, their children sold the bowl at auction. The price at that time was $ 70 (about $ 700 in current money). The buyer was the owner of a flower shop. According to the great-grandson of Henry Ford Edsel Ford II, perhaps the cup is lost forever, since that store has long been gone.

In 2003, the California dealer Ford Jim Burke offered a brand-new Ford Expedition SUV to someone who will find the bowl. However, such a person was not found.

In 2018, the new management of the Ford Motor Company again offers a car in exchange for a bowl. To receive it, you must provide documents confirming its authenticity.

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