Ford Mondeo can compete with Subaru Outback

Ford Mondeo can compete with Subaru Outback

July 12, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

It seems that the leadership of Ford still decided to let the popular sedan “under the knife” in order to create a new model on its basis.

At the end of April this year, we reported that the high demand for crossovers and pickups forces the management of the Ford to release the available capacities for production. Sedans and hatchbacks in the US in recent years completely out of fashion, and the company reported that it will get rid of Fiesta and Taurus, and the Focus model will be available only in the cross-version of Active. Nevertheless, foreign automotive publications decided to slightly shock the automobile public with the news that the popular Mondeo sedan, which is sold in the US under the name Fusion, will disappear from American car dealers, as reported by the publication Automotive News referring to the sources familiar with the situation among dealer brand environment.

Last month, colleagues reported that Ford dealers offered not to invent a new name, but to fix the well-known Fusion name for the cross-version. In fact, Americans are transforming the sedan into a competitor to Subaru Outback, which on the American site of the company is listed as a crossover, although previously it was positioned as a station wagon.

But the technical part is unlikely to change: the cross-version of Fusion will be released on the platform of the sedan, but what is still unknown. Fusion / Mondeo is now still produced on the basis of the CD4 platform, which is already five years old, and in current market realities it is unlikely that Americans will want to radically change something in this regard.

Regarding the timing of the transformation of Fusion, in this respect there is no more or less clear information. The new generation of Fusion was supposed to be on the assembly line in 2020, but in December these plans were rolled back, and instead the company held a second restyled for the sedan, which, by the way, never touched the European Mondeo.

If you look at the statistics of sales, it becomes alarming for the European version of Mondeo. Last year, European dealers sold 56,173 copies of Mondeo, which is almost three times less than in 2008, and more than five times less than in 1998. US dealers sold last year 209 623 copies of Fusion, while in 2015, sales reached 300 170 units.