Ford may create separate sub-brands Mustang and Bronco

Ford may create separate sub-brands Mustang and Bronco

May 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Earlier rumors that the leadership of the American brand could create two separate sub-brands Mustang and Bronco seem to have received official confirmation. This is evidenced by a foreign publication, referring to its sources in the company itself.

The Mustang sports coupe and the Bronco SUV, along with the full-size F-150 pickup truck, are those models that are certainly iconic for Ford, and they could become something more for the company in the near future. We have repeatedly heard that the automaker plans to introduce two new sub-brands and name them Mustang and Bronco. Today, May 26, the foreign publication Autoweek again “added fuel to the fire” on this occasion.

In particular, an unnamed source with direct links to Ford said the automaker is seriously considering the possibility of creating sub-brands Bronco and Mustang, which will cover a wide range of cars.

However, the development and launch of new models is always a big step. And that would probably be very risky when it comes to the Mustang brand name, which for a long time has been assigned only to the legendary sports coupe. Now, the word Mustang is present in the name of the upcoming electric crossover of the American brand – it’s about Mustang Mach-E. It is reported that Ford may produce various types of vehicles under the Mustang brand name, including sedans, crossovers and even pickups.

 As for the Bronco sub-brand, it will be less “shocking”, because the Bronco SUV does not have such a rich history as the sports Mustang.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that the new Ford Ranger pickup truck will become a hybrid. The American automaker is working on a new PHEV system. Fans of the brand did not see something similar to the announced hybrid in any Ford product.